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Tampere Leadership Symposium 2018

Tampere Leadership Symposium is approaching us!

The Tampere Leadership Symposium 2018 will be held on 6th September at the University of Tampere. This year the volume of the event will be even bigger as it moves to the Main Building of the university.


The Tampere Leadership Symposium 2018 will bring to discussion questions related to knowledge management. We will get the introduction to this theme from the world’s leading expert on the theme, as Tom Davenport will be the keynote speaker on our main seminar at the Main Auditorium at 10 o’clock.


As usual, the Tampere Leadership Symposium 2018 will bring together agents from different disciplines, business world and public administration to discuss common themes together. Come and here, what kind of solutions to societal problems can be found from the interfaces of research, management and business!


The speakers and schedule will be updated on this website during spring 2018.


Seminars and panels

Seminars and panels


At 10:15-12

Our main seminar will tackle the current issues on knowledge management. The keynote speaker of the seminar is Tom Davenport, the world’s leading expert on the issue. Comments will be made by Nina Helander, Professor of Knowledge Management from the Tampere University of Technology, and Olli-Pekka Heinonen, the Director General of the Finnish National Agency of Education.


Breakfast and innovation! The keynote speaker of the event is Tim Minshall from the University of Cambridge. Other speakers will be revealed later.



The seminar is arranged by Aamulehti and The Undergraduates of the Faculty of Management (JKY ry.). The exact themes and speakers of the seminar will be revealed later on. The seminar is in Finnish.

One of the sponsors of the Tampere Leadership Symposium 2018, Business Tampere, will arrange a seminar on digitalization and ecosystems. The exact themes and speakers will be revealed later. The seminar is in Finnish.


The Business Market offers students and businesses an opportunity to meet and discuss possible co-operations! It brings together the professionals of today and tomorrow. For students, it can be an opportunity to find an internship or a business-oriented theme for one’s thesis. Then again for businesses it is an opportunity to get to know the multidisciplinary experts of the future.


These work-related workshops for students will be arranged both in English and Finnish.


At the Main Hall, you can become familiar with the faculty and it’s many student associations: Johtamiskorkeakoulun ylioppilaat ry., Iltakoulu ry., Boomi ry. Staabi ry., Hallat ry., Fiskus ry., Ad Hoc ry., Pareto ry., Tariffi ry. and Shangri-La.

On the debate between student associations teams of three will debate on current societal issues. The themes will be revealed half hour before the debates. The debates are in Finnish.


The presidents of the student associations will challenge each other on several fun games.


Meet our speakers!

Nina Helander
Professor of Knowledge Management, Tampere University of Technology
Nina Helander (PhD) is Professor of Knowledge Management at the Tampere University of Technology, where she leads the Department of Industrial and Information Management. In addition, she is an Adjunct Professor of Information System Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä. Previously she has worked in various academic positions at the University of Vaasa, University of Tampere and University of Oulu, where she also earned her PhD in 2004 on the subject of value creation in business networks. Before academic career she worked as consultant and HR research manager in the private sector. Nina Helander’s research interests are related to value creation, knowledge management, business relationships and networks in different contexts.
Tim Minshall
Professor of Innovation, University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge Professor of Innovation, Tim Minshall is the Head of the Institute for Manufacturing and the IfM’s Centre for Technology Management. His academic interests are open innovation, university-industry collaboration, digital fabrication, technology, business investment and incubation and engineering education. He is the inaugural Dr John C. Taylor Professor of Innovation, a member of the Board of St John’s Innovation Centre, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness (ITEC) at Doshisha University, and a member of the IET’s Innovation and Emerging Technologies Policy Panel. He is a member of advisory and steering committees for groups including ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator, Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Cambridge i-Teams and 100%Open.
Tom Davenport
Tom Davenport
Professor of Technology and Management, Babson College
Tom Davenport is a distinguished professor of Technology and Management from Babson college. Davenport is known as a pioneer of data and analytics based management and knowledge management. Currently teaching at Babson College, MIT Sloan School, Boston University and in Harvard, where he himself studied his doctorate. Davenport travels around the world to share his insights, strategies and best practices proffered in his books. Harvard Business Review's most frequently published author, Tom Davenport has been at the forefront of the Process Innovation, Knowledge Management, and Analytics and Big Data movements. In his 2007 bestseller, Competing on Analytics, Harvard Business Press Davenport first made famous his ideas on how companies can derive competitive advantage on their ability to utilize data. Davenport’s articles have been published in publications such as Sloan Management Review, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and many more.
Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Olli-Pekka Heinonen
Director General, Finnish National Agency of Education
Olli-Pekka Heinonen is Director General at the Finnish National Agency for Education. Before his current position he worked as a State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance of Finland. He was also responsible as a State Secretary of the portfolios of Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development. Before that he acted as a State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office and was responsible for organising and leading the Prime Minister’s Office. Before joining the Prime Minister’s Office in March 2012, Mr Heinonen worked for 10 years as a Director in the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Mr Heinonen has been Minister of Transport and Communications (1999-2002) and Minister of Education (1994-1999). Mr Heinonen has also been a Member of the Parliament of Finland (1995-2002). Mr Heinonen has had a number of positions of trust serving the society in a wide scale. Mr Heinonen holds a Master’s degree in Laws. He is married and has three children.
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